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Mancora y Huan Chaco

I becoming to lazy to speak english or French

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Hi there everyone,

I am currently here in Huan Chaco, on the coast of Peru where I am having a great time staying at a hostal that cost less than $4 a night. This town has like everything. Pretty girls, good waves and lots of booze and party for so cheap compared to nearby Ecuador. I am meeting so many people here from all over the world and really enjoying it. Having a great time dancing as well.

I am just waisting my time until I have to go to lima for my flight on the 6th of August. Having a flight at like 23:50 means I can pretty much explore the town during the day, which is my plan.

Mancora where I was before was pretty nice, little bit warmer and more sunny but met loads of great people there as well. I really enjoyed it as well as well as the Hammocks that were at the place where I was staying. I stayed longer there than I was expecting but the weather was great.

I have been fairly lazy lately though to try surfing again and speak English/ French /Spanish.

That is it for this short entry I am going to go. Tomorrow there is a surfing competition here and I will probably watch that. Also here is a new link to the photos on google plus, facebook is just too slow.


Anyways you guys take care.



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The Andes and crossing the peruvian Border

Otavalo, Cuenca and Mancora

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Hi there everyone,

Sorry for not making an entry for a very long time, the time I have been having has just been so good, I have been unable to find a break to sit down and write this for you guys and upload photos for your eyes only...

Last time, I left you guys I was in Quito and that was exactly two weeks ago. I have moved quite a bit since then but stayed mostly in the Andes.

While I was in Quito, I was lucky to see a few more museum as well as churches and tourist points. The very interesting museum were the ones of the central bank, that showed the history of the old currency of the country (before they switched to the US dollar) as well as the Casa de la cultural which was a remarkable museum with loads of artifacts from pre-Colombian culture not to mention some wonderful ones made from gold. For someone who spent most of his time in Ecuador studying gold extraction it was very interesting to see how it was extracted and processed into artifacts back then. I also went to the teleferico in Quito which takes you from the base of one of the side of the mountain to the top (from 2800m to 4100m), the view from there on the whole town from u p there is simply unbelievable, I will have to put photos on Facebook to show it. I was very fortunate to stay in Quito through friends that I met through work and cannot explain my gratitude and how thankful I am for allowing me to stay with them.

I then headed to Otavalo when my time in Quito was over. Otavalo is a small time north that has quite a unique charm due to different things, the people there, its colonial shape as well as its wonderful craft market. I originally went there for a good bye party for my friends from Belgium that I had met in Canoa the week before. I was planning on staying for two nights and ended up staying 4 due to the fact that I was offered accommodation through my friend's family which was very nice of them. While there, I was also lucky enough to visit the Parque Condor which is a fabulous bird sanctuary where injured bird are healed. I would strongly recommend anybody with a conservation or biology who wants to Volunteer to apply there as the place is quite unique and has a wide range of bird species. Unfortunately my camera died before we got there :(. I also had the opportunity to put my swimming skills to serious test as with the family was staying an ex-olympic now world-masters swimmer. Although our specialties were different it was quite interesting to swim with him and to see how out of competition shape I am plus the high altitude made a bit challenging for both of us...

From Otavalo, I headed on the bus to another wonderful place: Cuenca. The bus ride was a bit long totaling 12 hours but travelling by night means you do not need to worry about accomodation until the morning when you get there. I ended up staying at a hostal that opened recently and was recommended by a friend: Hostal Yakumama. I would strongly recommend anybody wanting to visit cuenca to stay there as they have a great happy hour and the owners are wonderful people and you can always meet great people while there to party or visit the town with. While I was in Cuenca for only three nights and four days, I really enjoyed the town center, the night scene and a short trip to Ingapirca to see the local Inca ruins. Cuenca's old town is so full of history that you could probably spend two week seeing just the historical center of the town.

This sums up the Andean part of my trip all these towns were over 2500m of elevation which made a bit lightweight for drinking but at least I feel really good now that I am at sea level again...

I then headed to Mancora in Peru on a 7 hours bus ride crossing the border at 2am. Getting at the border at that time meant I was not really awake, I also received a warning for being at 91 days on my visa (one extra day apparently and only by two hours) but apparently good enough to have a warning and have a photo of my passport taken. Mancora is a lot like Montanita, great place with lots of party and a nice surf break, (although the waves are just getting big today on my third day here) and lots of friendly people. I am planning on staying here for the next few days until the national holidays end, this way I can resume my travelling peacefully again.

This is it friends. Photos should follow on Facebook later. I hope you enjoyed this entry.

Much Love,


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Moving toward the north of the Coast and back to Quito

Chasing the Sun that never shows its face....

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Hi there everyone,

Sorry for being a while since my last entry but my access to internet has been rather bad to be honest. I have also been moving quite a bit and I am eager to share how great my week has been since.

I spent the end of last week in Montanita where I gave surfing another chance since last year. All I have to say is that it was not easy but I sure enjoyed it a lot and did manage to get up a few times. I also enjoyed meeting a few french speaking people, one from the alps and another from Quebec. Believe me, it was a great relief for me to be able to talk in French for more than a few hours for the first time in like 7 months.

On Monday, I headed to the Isla de la plata from the port of Puerto Lopez, with the hopes of seeing whales, sea-turtles, blue footed boobies, and more wildlife. I have to say my hope were way more than fulfilled as the day was pretty great and lots of wildlife showed up and was to be seen.

I then headed up north in the afternoon on the tour, I was originally planning on going to bahia de caraquez but I met some Belgians on the bus in between the location, they were planning on heading to Canoa which is another vibrant coastal town. When I arrived in Bahia and got off the bus, the taxi driver once he heard I did not have a hotel suggested I head straight to Canoa in order to enjoy the cheaper hotel prices and better beach location. I ended up doing this with the company of the Belgians and I do not regret this as Canoa was a great place with some great food and great waves where I was able to put my surfing skills to test again.

We stayed there only for one night in a cheap place where the night was only $6. We then decided to travel by night in order to save money on the hotel and get to the next town that was Mompiche in our book. However the further we went we realized that there were no buses at night to Mompiche. However one of the Belgian who is Ecuatorian by origin had family at our next day stop in Esmeralda where we grabbed keys to the house that some of his family friends own in Atacamez.

Now Atacamez is definitely a party town, much bigger than Montanita for that, matter fact Montanita has other things to do like surfing while Atacamez doesn't. You walk along the beach and all you can see is cocktails bars, nightclubs and restaurant for the travellers. I stayed there for a few nights but I took it easy on the second day due to contracting food poisoning...

However generally Canoa, Atacamez, Esmeralda all had great sea food and I enjoyed it very much.

Yesterday I headed back to Quito, where I am here now and had a wonderful day visiting the central of Quito today, by day this time and had chances to go inside churches and very cool museums. I am staying here with friends where everything is great.

Now that I am back in Quito, I am also seeing the sun again which had been hiding for my entire time on the coast.

Photos are on Facebook as per usual.

Much love to you all,

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Beginning of the Ruta del sol: Playas, Salinas, Montanita

Coming back to my dear loved Ocean

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Hi there everyone,

I am making this entry from a place I am staying in a town I truly love. (Yes, I love both the town and the place). The town is Montanita, I have already been there two nights, I plan on staying until Monday Morning. The place I am staying is Hotel Casa del Sol, it is a truly amazing place between the yoga studio, food and its fantastic atmosphere. For more photos and info about the place you can found some here (website is still under construction though). I stayed here in May and I am back here again, I just wanted to let anyone travelling in Ecuador that this is the place to stay in this town, I promise you could only regret staying at another place but not staying at this one.

Now let me share how amazing my last week has been:

Last week end, I was able to go to Guayaquil and was welcomed by the family of a friend, I had met at the Inigemm office. They were kind enough to take me to their house in Playas on Saturday, where I was able to go into the Ocean for the first time in a while. On Sunday, we did some more driving around and I was lucky enough to go for more swims (Yeah, I know I just love it). We headed to their home in Guayaquil on Sunday evening. On Monday, I resourced myself by getting some essential done (Laundry and what not... which was needed after two weeks without doing any). In the evening, I made the first dinner of my time here. I made some pasta with a homemade Tomato sauce of my creation for the family who were so kind to me. I think I did not cook too bad given there was not much left the following day.

On tuesday Morning, I headed out to Salinas with the hope of seeing a bit of the peninsula. I only stayed for one night, but I met some locals there who were able to show me around the beautiful peninsula and take me to the point that is the further West of Ecuador and that had some spectacular views of the Pacific.

I made it to Montanita in the afternoon of wednesday, where I am once again here after a week in May. I am truely loving the place during the low season, it is very different than when I was here during the high season. I love being here again, the changes done in the hotel are amazing since the last time I was here as well. Yesterday, I was able to meet with Josee again who had been travelling on her own to other directions. Today the swell was so big, I could not believe it. I am like almost of afraid of entering the ocean but hopefully there is still smaller waves close by that are friendly.

Anyway, I guess this it for the short entry on my life, I hope to be heading more north on Monday. I hope to make it to Bahia de Caraquez or Canoa in the evening.

Also sorry for not posting any photos but their is a ton on Facebook but you already know that if you found this link.

Until next time, cheers to you all,

Love Martin

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Quito, Part 2, the old town and football match

Loving life in the Capital of Ecuador

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry for not making the long post I promised yet about my first two months here. I promise I will get on that soon.

In the mean time, my time in Quito is drawing to a close. I will be headed in Guayaquil (the second biggest town in Ecuador) tonight. So I am going to bring you up to speed over what I have been up to in the last two and half days.

In the last two days since my last blog entry, I have been fairly busy. On Tuesday night, I went down to Foch Plaza which was a nice vibrant part of Quito and its night scene. The only problem, I had with it was the fact that all the prices there were inflated by 300% because of the presence of the tourist there. However that being said, it was possible to get 5 liters of homemade "German" beer for only $5.


Beer near foch Plaza at Chervsker

On Wednesday, my day started the same way as many other of my days here. I went to the INIGEMM office where I had a bit a meeting with people working on a project in the region (Portovelo-Zaruma region) where I had been for a while. I had some input on which gold extraction plant to take the samples of tailing from. I also had the Chance to meet with my friend Robert Kaplan who came back from Zaruma and started more of his lab work.


Rob and Diego in the INIGEM lab

During the whole day, one thing was following me around, that is the altitude sickness, Quito being fairly high up (2800m) does not go unnoticed to someone who lived at low altitude for the last 3 years or so. You get migraine headaches, and random muscle pains, even though you do a great job staying hydrate and eating properly. The only solution I found was to take a painkiller to kill the symptoms and of course napping and Showering

During the evening, I was originally planning on going to the old town and explore a bit there. However, some colleagues invited me to the football match. Being an avid fan, I could not say no. The game of Liga de Quito vs Cuenca was great, even though to my disappointment the home side lost 2-0. My friends and I took place in the south stand with all the singing fans. I was so glad I did that because the atmosphere was so much better there than in the rest of the stadium. One of the things that surprised me was how similar some of the Chants were to the ones we had back in Vancouver with the Curva Collective. Later on, I learnt that the Collective had friend and members that we originally from Ecuador and fan of la Liga.


Liga de Quito Game

The next morning, my host and I went to buy some furniture for his house as because I was there, it made it easier for us to carry stuff. In the mean time I got to see more of Quito, got the chance to see the National Team stadium and had a lot of fun around the stores. Also bought a new pair of shoes to alleviate my back problems and leg spams which we were due to the shoes and the altitude.


The Olympic Stadium


360 of the plaza and the stadium in the back

During the evening, we headed to old town with some friends. The history around the place was awesome, the size of the streets and the way the shops, official building are disposed goes around reminding me some of the older towns in old europe. I really enjoyed the place. We then went to this restaurant which had Salsa dancing. After trying to eat (yes, I could not finish it all) the biggest Empenada, I have ever seen. One of my friends give me a salsa lesson, I wasn't that good but had lots of fun. (also sorry but no photos of the salsa place due to a lack of battery in my phone-camera)


Plaza de la independencia


Plaza in front of the Cathedral of Quito (this photo did not finish rendering before my phone died and therefore it is not as good as it could have been.)

There is more photos on my Facebook if you are interested.

Today I am taking it easy and packing, writing this entry and all before heading tonight to Guayaquil on the bus, from there.

Much love to you all,


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