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Quito, first impression

The capital and my first impressions of it

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Hi there everyone,

For those that didn't know, I have been here in Ecuador for a long time about 2 months and I am just starting travelling around. Quito is actually my second stop of my travel around the country. I will have later a longer post to describe what I have been doing in Ecuador for the last two months.

I have only been around Quito for the last two days. I have been staying at friend's apartment who has only been living there for a short period of time, so not much furniture but he had an extra spare mattress to sleep on, so it was good enough for me. This friend called "Sergio" was one of the guys from Ecuador I have been working with the whole summer. His place is located in the Monteserrin neighborhood of Quito.

He works for INIGEMM which stands Instituto Nacional Geol├│gico Minero Metal├║rgico del Ecuador. Because the office is quite near his apartment, yesterday, I had been spending quite a bit of time there. I had a chance to visit their lab (which is state of the art and has a very good apparatus) as well as learn more about the project they work on.

Last night we did go out to a tiny burger place where I had the best burger of my life (yep, I am not kidding!) and to have a few cold ones. The beer got me drunk pretty easily due to the high elevation of Quito (2800m) where I am.

Today, I have been back at the office where I started working on the report of my work here. I am planning on going to old Quito tonight to explore the old town and what not with another friend from INIGEMM with whom I have been working with.

What I would like you guys to take from this is that Quito is a bit like my home town of Paris:

- Large population which is multicultural as well
- Streets have no order (just as easy to get lost, although no good metro to find yourself)
- Drivers seems to have the same attitude
- Nice variety of buildings
- Lots of pretty women
- Strong diversity of jobs here

I guess the two biggest difference from Paris are the amount of stray dogs and the language spoken (Spanish).

Stay posted for more post to follow. I also promise photos for the next one. In the mean time here is a link to my facebook album about my summer:

Facebook album

Cheers all,


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